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Caring for Kids would like to introduce our youngest sponsor! Meet Matthew, he is from Grayslake and is turning 4 this week! Matthew celebrated his birthday this weekend with friends and family and asked for these donations instead of gifts for him. I got to meet Matthew today and he is a very smart four years old. He told me in complete sentences where these donations he collected were going and then smiled! Thank you Matthew, Trager Family and Friends. 

​Every year hundreds of children go without proper clothing.  Caring for Kids Clothing is a non-profit organization that helps provide these children with the clothing they so desperately need.  Since our beginning in 2010 Caring for Kid has helped outfit hundreds of children every year.  We provide an immediate need in warm winter gear, school uniforms, everyday clothing, gym shoes, snow boots, socks, under garments and so much more. 

​ Please get involved today by contacting us to sponsor a child in need. You will get an information packet on your child telling you about their needs, favorite colors and special likes. You can make a new clothing donation, typical clothing donations per child have included navy blue or white school uniform: sweaters, shirts and pants, socks, underwear, coat, boots, hat and gloves.

Monetary donations are welcome and much needed to keep C4K alive. Your donation will go towards the children that do not have a personal sponsor. For your convenience we even have a PayPal link to make donating easier!

Goods and services donations are especially welcome as we hold several fundraisers each season and can always make use of raffle prizes and silent auction items. You can make a difference in a child’s life; even the smallest donation can make a difference!

Groups, Corporate and Company Sponsors:

How COOL is this! Thank you Rosetts's! This company is not only generous but how creative is that poster! So CUTE! Love it! 

Rosetta is a consulting-centered interactive agency engineered to transform marketing for the connected world. We are focused on helping progressive.

With the money raised we were able to buy ALL needed clothing, boots and uniforms for 10 kids!

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Founded: 2010

Founder: Christine E. Thompson