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Have you ever met someone that you just knew was going to do amazing things with their life?  I have met several working in our elementary school over the past 14 years.  These kids inspired me to help as many kids as I could.  With the help of friends and family we created a true non profit organizations that helps kids with life's simple needs such as clean clothing, warm coats and shoes with soles on them.  Throughout the years we have helped with so much more.  School supplies, personal hygiene needs and even eyeglasses.

Today I'm looking to help a very smart, well mannered, talented and motivated kid get a new computer for school.  I have gotten to know his family over the past two years and they are doing everything they can to get him into a private school in the area instead of the public school where they live. 

He will thrive at this private school, but there are high costs.  The parents are working day and night to make this possible for their child because they know his potential is unlimited!  

Please help us help him get everything he needs for his next 4 years at this school.  I hope to do this again for his college preparations as I know 100% in my heart that he will be something amazing one day!

We are a non-profit, all donations are tax deductible and 100% of everything collected here goes to purchasing a computer and supplies for school.  

Thank you for your consideration.

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Please help us reach our $1500.00 goal! You can Donate here as well. Thank you.