The simple definition of charity is defined as an organization set up to provide help for those in need. Caring for Kids Clothing is just that but so much more. C4K Clothing is entering its 9th year, is locally based, and operates entirely through the efforts of volunteers. CK4 Clothing identifies students in need of clothing, collects and purchases new items, including school uniforms and  handles distribution.
Forest & Found, as a nonprofit community thrift store located in Lake Forest, is proud to support the work of C4Ks and wishes them continued success with their mission.
The world needs more organizations like Caring for Kids Clothing!

Diana Durkes | President
Forest & Found
1363 N. Western Avenue | Lake Forest

Thinking about getting involved? Here are some of our C4K Sponsors Experiences with Caring for Kids Clothing

I have received more from Caring4Kids than I have given when I see the happiness in students’ faces as they receive new uniforms and outerwear, when I know the students will be warm in the coming months as they play outside or go to school, and when I have the privilege to be among selfless, giving people working so hard at making a difference in the lives of others. I look forward every year to participating in the Caring4Kids clothing drive.


Carol R.

Caring for Kids Clothing has evolved into this amazing and wonderful nonprofit organization.  Their goal is to provide students in need with everyday essentials such as new uniforms, warm jacket, boots, socks, hat, and whatever else that the children to stay warm and cozy throughout the cold winter months. What I think is the most honorable thing about this foundation, is that the people that are involved do it for the smile on the children's faces and for the confidence that it brings to every student.  The items that are donated make these children feel like they look like everyone else and they allow the students with less to feel good about the way the look. Being involved with C4K is a joyous experience for all that are involved. Everyone comes out a winner!!!

Christine E. Slobodnik

 Over the years, Caring for Kids has definitely made an impact on the lives of several students in my class.  Eligible students are provided with an array of necessities such as book bags, clothes, school supplies and uniforms to name a few.

Through these opportunities, students are eager to come to school where they feel totally equipped, ready to learn and can be productive in the classroom.  Thanks C4Kids.

Mrs. Narbone
1st Grade Mono
Lyon Magnet

Caring for Kids Clothing
From your heart to their hands​®


The Chapel-Lake Zurich, IL 

I chose to support Caring4Kids because unlike other non-profits, the organization is 100% volunteer based and 100% of my donation makes it to the end user: the kids. Whether I choose to donate monetarily or by providing clothing, I am assured that my donation is being used for its intended purpose, to take care of the kids. In addition, I also enjoy seeing the photos on Facebook of Donation Day and seeing the items I picked out on the smiling face of the child I am sponsoring. The gratefulness of the children and the drive of the Teachers/Founding Members of Caring4Kids is why I choose to support them year after year.

Christina Breuer McNamee | Broker Associate
1875 N. Damen | Chicago, IL 60647
O: 773.537.1261 | C: 847.567.1080 | F: 312.626.2472 |

"It is said that man (or woman) never stands so tall as when he (she) stoops to help a child."  ....And you can be sure the giving leaders of "caring 4 kids" are standing very tall to meet the needs of as many children as they CAN, because YOU CARE! 

 - A. F. (Tony) Remich, Brig Gen, USA, Ret)


I volunteered for caring for kids last season, and it was a great experience.  I would recommend, and have recommended,  C4K to anyone interested in getting involved with charity work.  I really enjoyed myself and when I left for the day, I just had a great feeling knowing that I had helped so many children, children who are really in need.  Any little bit helps, and goes a long way just to make a difference in someone’s life.  I would love to help out again this year!

Kristi Rymer | Quality Auditor I
Advanced Clinical

I have been a part of this mission for a few years now.  When I first saw the pair of torn and tattered boots on Facebook, it tugged at my heartstrings.   I asked how I could help.  I sponsored a child the first year.  In the following years, in lieu of buying each other Christmas presents, my husband and I sponsor 2 children.   To see grateful smiles on the children's faces, is all the thanks we ever need.  Knowing they will be warm makes me happy. 

Dawn Smith


I volunteered with C4K for the first time 4 years ago by sponsoring a child with my coworkers.  The next year we sponsored another child, but this time I also got to participate in "giving day" for the first time.  What an experience!  To see the face of a child light up over something as simple as a pair of snow boots or a new winter coat, it melts your heart.  I have participated in giving day every year since then and it's always a special experience, one I look forward to all year.



Caring for kids has been a life changing organization for me. Before caring for kids I personally did no realized the needs of some of my students. Since Christine started this non-profit Organization I have seen that there was an honest real need for our students to have the proper attire and to be clothed, especially in the winter, with the right warm garments. Now I not only participate in many events, but I have included friends and family who are able and willing to help.

Lola Soby
Educator Elementary School